Bodagas Vinedos Carelli


Bodega Carelli has been owned by the Carelli Family since 1943, when Santos Carelli Planted the first vineyards with high quality grapes for winemaking.  The third generation is currently participating in the project, under the direction of Santo’s son, Enrique J. Carelli, who continues incorporating new technology with the same entrepreneurial spirit of the founder.

The winery comprises a late 19th century building, recently restricted by the famous Bormida-Yanzon studio, maintaining it original construction and country-house style, with high ceilings, wooden floors and ornaments, and glass skylights, all of which create an intimate environment for visitors.

The winery’s original capacity (890,000 liters) has increased steadily up to 4,500,000 liters.  Tradition and technology came together in Carelli: the winery has oak barrels, small epoxy-coated concrete tanks, as well as the latest temperature control technology.  All of these condition guarantee the traceability of every single wine lot.


The winery is placed in the province of Mendoza, within the wine Argentina zone called Cuyo, at 34 degrees South Latitude, where the best grapes are grown and harvested.  At 2,100 ft. above the sea level.  The climate is like that of a dessert area: average temperature of 19 C with wide daily thermal differences.  12/16 degrees at night up to 30/37 degrees during the day.  Most of the year (300 days) the sky is quite sunny, rains are scarce.  Ground is irrigated by water coming from the melting snow of the Andes Mountains. 

Carrelli Latitud 34 Torrontes

Carla Chiaro Sauvignon Blanc

Carelli Latitud 34 Merlot
Carelli Latitud 34 Syrah
Carelli Latitud 34 Cabernet Sauvignon
Carelli Latitud 34 Malbec
Carelli Reserva Malbec


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